Wounded and arrests in new march for presidential resignation in Peru

Wounded and arrests in new march for presidential resignation in Peru
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23 July 2023
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The National Coordinator for Unified Struggle (CNUL, in Spanish) of Peru condemned today the police repression against a peaceful march demanding the resignation of President Dina Boluarte, on the fourth day of protests for her exit.

CNUL, a block of diverse social organizations and progressive political forces that organizes the protests, pointed out that the repression left several people injured and arrested, among them the member of the block Franco Lucio, only for interceding for a person illegally arrested for handing out flyers against the president.

“That’s enough! It is unnecessary, abusive and illegal for the National Police to throw tear gas bombs and repress a mobilization that was totally peaceful, we have every right to protest in the streets and squares”, Veronika Mendoza, former progressive presidential candidate, who participated in the mobilization, CNUL declared.

The police action violently cleared Plaza San Martin, occupied by the demonstrators and closed to demonstrations by a municipal ordinance, without having the authority to do so, according to the Office of the Ombudsman.

The National Coordinator of Human Rights (CNDH, in Spanish) also denounced as unjustified the police repression against the people that gathered at the square to express their rejection of the Boluarte government.

The result was an unknown number of people arrested and injured, among them an indigenous woman injured after being thrown by a policeman from the high base of the monument to the Liberator Jose de San Martin, in the square of the same name.

CNDH denounced that the police again used racist violence against the indigenous women who came from the southern Andean region of Puno, a territory that was the bastion of the long protests unleashed against Boluarte’s ascension to the presidency in December 2022.

Lawyer Mar Perez denounced that a police station prevented access to her colleagues defending the detainees, which constitutes abuse of authority and is illegal because isolation implies the risk that the prisoners may be tortured.

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