Who Claims COVID-19 is Gone?

Who Claims COVID-19 is Gone?
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13 April 2022
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When there seems to be calm, it pierces through my ears the positive cases count on the antigen test of a friend's mother, cousins ​​and uncles from a distance.

They are several random cases with the news of being infected with SARS-CoV-2, earlier, a few months ago there was an epidemic calm, however, now, especially the youngest are getting infected with a virus that, luckily, once vaccinated, it becomes a less aggressive disease.

After a weekend at the beach, or a family party, or so simple as after a working day, some of these people started one day with sore throat, runny nose, headache, and general discomfort. All the characteristic symptoms of a common cold, however, the situation since 2020 is different, and if any symptoms appear, first of all, you have to be wary of COVID-19.

Although many believe their condition is the result of a common cold, the change in temperature after a cold front or allergy to chlorine, those who bestow a little more importance to the new coronavirus and the effectiveness of antigen tests, manage to stop chains of contagion and protect children and elders, while their opposites end up spreading the disease in every direction.

Not everyone responds to the disease in the same way or severity. One of the cases I recently learned about were a couple, he was under 50 years old one morning he felt that his allergy was not an allergy, his throat itched, his body felt heavy, that only affected him for a few hours, but, on the other hand, his wife, even less than 40 years old, besides the aforementioned symptoms, she felt slumber, shortness of breath and acute headache.

Both got infected almost at the same time, but he passed the COVID-19 milder than her, who for more than 10 days showed a positive result each time she had a quick test. This implies, as they have explained the specialists at different times, that you have to take care of yourself despite age and state of health, because it’s not until we get sick that we know how our body will be able to fight the virus.

The mask cannot and should not be something of the past, it’s still not understood how with a full regrowth in Shanghai, with more patients than at the beginning of the pandemic, although with much fewer deaths, in Europe, for example, it grows exponentially the cessation of protection measures to the point that the flexibilization allows you to not wear masks even in crowded places. But what if the wave hit new coasts as it happened a few months ago?

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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