Weather forecast: heat to increase in East Asia due to climate change

Weather forecast: heat to increase in East Asia due to climate change
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15 August 2022
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Seoul, Aug 15 (Prensa Latina) Heat waves will become more frequent and intense in East Asia due to climate change, a study led by South Korean scientists revealed.

Rising temperatures will directly affect human health and agriculture, so strategies will need to be developed to adapt to this situation, said the research led by Professor Kyung-Ja Ha of the Pusan National University.

“Heat waves have intensified over the past 60 years and will become much more common in a warmer climate, which will have a devastating impact on life on the planet,” Ha said.

“This study allows us to identify regions vulnerable to these climatic phenomena and thus provide accurate information to governments,” the academic added.

According to the research, dry heat waves occur mainly in northwestern East Asia, adjacent to desert regions in northern China and Mongolia, while humid heat waves prevail in the south.

The scientists defined dry and humid heat waves as those with relative humidity below 33 percent and above 66 percent, respectively.

Using historical climate data, the team also determined the occurrence of these phenomena under different greenhouse gas emission scenarios in the future.

The results of this research come after record heat waves killed thousands of people, caused fires and droughts in the Northern Hemisphere this year, including South Asia, China, Europe and the United States.

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