Vilma Espin to be honored in Cuba on Women’s Int’l Day

Vilma Espin to be honored in Cuba on Women’s Int’l Day
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7 March 2023
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On the occasion of Women's International Day on Wednesday, the Sauto Theater, a National Monument, will pay tribute to the legacy of revolutionary leader Vilma Espin.

According to, the theater will host a cultural gala entitled ‘Por siempre Vilma’ (Forever Vilma), under the direction of the Mariana de Gonitch Singing Academy and its professional company Las Voces, which will honor the founder of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC).

Academy Director Hugo Osle explained that the gala recalls the concerts offered by the Academy 16 years ago at the Avellaneda Hall of the National Theater in Havana and at the Stained Glass Hall (Salon de los Vitrales) in the Revolution Square in Santiago de Cuba to honor the heroine.

Osle said that on International Women’s Day, the Academy is dedicating the show to the Heroine of the Sierra Maestra mountain range and the plains, a distinguished figure in the struggle for women’s rights since before the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and who developed ideas and projects for the benefit of women since 1959.

Vilma Espin, who was a member of the Rebel Army, a tireless fighter and a chemical engineer by profession, took her scientific knowledge to practical actions for the benefit of society and at the head of the FMC she led the main political actions of the country to materialize women’s full access to their rights.

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