Venezuelan president reaffirms loyalty to Hugo Chavez’s legacy

Venezuelan president reaffirms loyalty to Hugo Chavez’s legacy
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8 December 2021
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Caracas, Dec 8 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday reaffirmed his loyalty and commitment to the revolutionary legacy of Hugo Chavez (1954-2013), on the anniversary of his last speech.

“Day of Loyalty and Love for Chavez!” I remember the message from our eternal leader that marked my life and the soul of the Venezuelan people. Nine years have passed and we are still loyal, fulfilling the mission entrusted to us, with his legacy intact. Long live Chavez!,” the head of State wrote on Twitter.

In that proclamation, the last one before he became seriously ill and passed away, the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution stressed the value of the sense of belonging to the homeland, called to guarantee the progress of the process over any circumstance and urged the people to elect Maduro in case he died.

“My firm opinion, full as the full moon, irrevocable, absolute, total, is that you elect Nicolas Maduro(…) Today we have people, let no one be mistaken. Today we have the homeland more alive than ever, burning in sacred flame, in sacred fire. Hasta la Victoria Siempre! Independence and Socialist Homeland!”, Chavez said at that time.

He warned about opportunists who could take advantage of difficult junctures in the country to try to restore capitalism, and called for the people’s unity.

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