Venezuela hosts meeting on continuity and solidarity with Cuba

Venezuela hosts meeting on continuity and solidarity with Cuba
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20 November 2022
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The certainty that unity between Venezuela and Cuba will be much stronger sums up the feelings of Noemi Rabaza, first vice president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), after the conclusion here of the 12th National Cuba Solidarity Meeting.

The two-day event was attended by representatives of 17 of all 24 Venezuelan states, people from all sectors of Venezuelan society, who showed that “there is love, commitment to Cuba and its Revolution,” Rabaza noted.

The meeting reaffirmed the love, commitment, and solidarity, and also the responsibility we have with Latin America, she assured.

It seems to me, said Rabaza, that we have taken a step forward, and if I could describe it with some words, I would say that “it is the meeting of continuity due to the number of young people who participated.”

She stated that the issue of rejuvenation of the Venezuela-Cuba Mutual Solidarity and Friendship Movement was one of the topics discussed at the working tables, and “we are very happy because many young people participated.”

The ICAP’s first vice president noted that the Bolivarian Republic has known how to maintain this movement for 20 years and overcome it, and now fertilizes it with young people, which makes a difference with other countries.

This is already distinguishing it an event from others and “it seems to us that the work will be consolidated much more,” she remarked.

Rabaza pointed out that despite the excellent relations that exist between the institutions, at the Party level, between governments, and it is where the twinning of our processes is clearer, even so, she asserted, this relationship between the two peoples remains alive.

She added that among the issues discussed was the United States’ economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba and how many more actions we can develop to make our struggle more visible, denouncing and defending our cause.

In addition, she gave her opinion on how to face the smear and disinformation campaigns, fake news, and all the criminalization of our leaders and cadres of the Revolution. The ICAP leader also referred to the adoption of major agreements to continue making progress.

In reference to the final declaration, Rabaza pointed out that it made it clear once again what both peoples have to do in the fight against the blockade, how we have to be more effective in what we do, in working on social networks, getting out of them, and outreaching other media.

In that regard, she proposed the creation of a Media Observatory to find out the trends, how to work to put a bit of science in order to make our work more effective.

We must work from what has been achieved and how to show the world what socialism is capable of and what differentiates it from the capitalist system, she concluded.

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