USA: Strewn Image of an Empire

USA: Strewn Image of an Empire
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17 April 2020
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An experience derived from the coronavirus in the United States is the fall of a traditional scenery and the appearance on stage of an uglier face of Uncle Sam.

It proves the paradox that while Washington projects military expenses of nearly 800 billion dollars, there aren’t enough kits in hospitals to prevent the consequences of the epidemic.

At the same time, an estimated 10 million people are jobless.

Meanwhile, fear and uncertainty hang over millions of its citizens.

Laying bare the sensitive weakness in public health care in that country.

The chaos creates an ideal environment for the spike of drug consuming and the increase in gangs and neo-Nazi groups.

However, Washington raise as the prosecutor of freedom in the world, mobilizes warships for hostile purposes of the coasts of Venezuela and strengthens the blockade against Cuba.

The United States goes then from being an artificial paradise magnified by its propaganda, and pending to recompose its post-Covid-19 stage.

This is the image that the United States Government shows to its people and the world.

In addition, it’s an electoral year where Trump uses everything to steer the situation in his favor.

And cynically presenting himself as the great savior of the tragedy that he did not want to foresee.


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