U.S. solidarity brigade Venceremos is in Cuba

U.S. solidarity brigade Venceremos is in Cuba
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28 December 2022
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HOLGUÍN, Cuba, Dec 27 (ACN) The 51st contingent of the Venceremos brigade, flagship of the Cuba solidarity movement in the U.S., was received today in this eastern city, some 770 kilometers from Havana.
The sixty-strong group will complete a program that includes visits to health institutions, scientific research centers and cultural projects in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey, as well as the Historic Compound of Biran—where they will see a collection of 1,175 objects linked to the life of the Castro Ruz family—and a meeting with the local chapter of the Aponte Commission to learn about Cuba’s approach to racism-related issues.
The Venceremos Brigade, which will be in the country until January 6, was founded in 1969 by young Americans interested in learning about the social transformations undertaken by the Revolution. Since then, nearly 10,000 members have visited Cuba.

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