US solidarity brigade condemns restrictions to visit Cuba

US solidarity brigade condemns restrictions to visit Cuba
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4 January 2023
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CAMAGUEY, Cuba, Jan 4 (ACN) The solidarity brigade Venceremos ratifies in its 51st edition, passing through Camagüey(central Cuba), the aim of eliminating the restrictions imposed by the blockade of the U.S. government to the citizens of that nation, to visit Cuba and learn about its reality.

The United States says that we have a freedom like no other country, but that is not true, because in many aspects of life we are limited and one of them is the opportunity to come to Cuba and appreciate with our own eyes the ways of doing in different sectors of society, said Lesly Calle, a young member of the solidarity group.

Regarding the stay during celebrations for the 64th anniversary of the revolutionary triumph in January, she said that it has been nice to see even the children learning about the Revolution, and in every sector of social and economic life they know and show this history.

She exemplified the impact of the work led by Fidel Castro since 1959, seen in the work of education, agriculture, the army, culture and art.

For his part, Boa Amenero, another of the brigadistas, from Utah, a western state of the United States, emphasized, among what has impressed him most, how people are more connected to each other in their work and in the community, the honest character of the Cubans, and to see that they do not stop in their efforts to produce, in spite of the effects of the blockade.

 He also pointed out that during his stay in Cuba he learned about the existence of the Latin American School of Medicine, where young people from different parts of the world, including North Americans, can study.

The Venceremos Brigade was created in 1969 and the initiative promotes that young U.S. citizens learn about the social transformations in Cuba, in defiance of the restrictions imposed by the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. government more than 60 years ago.

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