US continued oppression against Iran amid pandemic

US continued oppression against Iran amid pandemic
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3 December 2020
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In a meeting with Ambassador of Cuba to Tehran Alexis Bandrich Vega, Namaki said Washington has not let the import of medicine for Iranian people despite American officials' claims. America has put a lot of pressure on Iran at the time when the country is fighting against the pandemic, even seizing Iran’s medical cargos in international airports.

Elsewhere, he said that relations between Iran and Cuba have always been friendly despite Americans’ and Zionists’ pressures.

Namaki said that Tehran is ready to enhance bilateral cooperation with Havana in different fields, including in the health and medical sector.

US oppression against Cuba and Iran has made these two countries have closer relations, said the minister.

After the meeting, the Cuban envoy said Tehran and Havana have had vast cooperation since years ago and these collaborations will continue to grow in various fields such as biotechnology, health, and fight against COVID-19.

Slamming the US sanctions, Bandrich Vega said such unilateral measures have hurt the people of Iran and Cuba as they endanger the lives of people.

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