US businessman John Felder makes his dream come true in Cuba

US businessman John Felder makes his dream come true in Cuba
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2 December 2023
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African-American businessman John Felder feels that he will make history in Cuba, because after a long road of perseverance, the first electrical car exported from the United States reaches the island-nation.

It took him a long time to become the first beneficiary in more than six decades of a US Government’s license to sell electrical vehicles to Cuba, the founder and CEO of Premier Automotive Export, Ltd. (PAE), based in Columbia, Maryland, told Prensa Latina.

His interest is to promote the use of clean energies in a country that has the weather conditions for it, he said when commenting that he feels happy, “very happy to make the dream come true, it has been the result of hard work.”

I love the Cuban people because I feel that they also love me, he said about that reciprocal feeling he has received during his trips to Cuba, where he has also invested in the market of electrical motorcycles.

Thus, the first Tesla Model Y vehicle authorized by the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration will be officially delivered on Friday to a Cuban national during a ceremony organized by Felder in Havana, where the documentary film “Driving to Change” will be presented.

US filmmakers Peter and Pam Mc Neil brought to life the audiovisual, which was premiered in August in Columbia, where this businessman resides.

The short film tells this particular story, but one that could be inserted into the broader scope of the issue of US-Cuba ties.


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