US actions in Syria fuel terrorist activity

US actions in Syria fuel terrorist activity
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5 March 2021
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Damascus, Mar 5 (Prensa Latina) Syria and Russia denounced on Friday that the illegal presence of forces from US and other Western countries in Syrian territory contributes to the resurgence of terrorist groups across the region.
Washington's destabilizing activities in Syria require the attention of the international community because they contribute to the spread of crime and deterioration of the national economy and across the region, Syrian and Russian Coordination bodies announced in a communique.

The note highlighted that US-led coalition forces maintain supporting the terrorists with weapons and money, and at the same time continue to plunder the country's national wealth instead of fighting them.

All measures taken by Western countries have nothing to do with the war against terrorism. Their real objective is to loot wealth of a sovereign country that is a UN member, they claimed.

Despite the government's efforts to recover normality, Washington and its allies continue the policy of sanctions to force the Syrian people to surrender and submit to Western agendas, the statement concluded.

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