US Academy of Sciences confirms falsehood of accusations against Cuba on alleged sonic attacks

US Academy of Sciences confirms falsehood of accusations against Cuba on alleged sonic attacks
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8 December 2020
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A report by the US National Academy of Sciences confirmed the falsehood of the accusations against Cuba that allegedly acoustic attacks on US diplomats had been carried out in the Caribbean country.

This was announced by Johana Tablada, deputy director of U.S. affairs at the Cuban foreign ministry, in a message published on Twitter.

The official recalled that because of this lie actions were committed against the Cuban people and asked in her tweet who would apologize to the Cubans for this cause.

The referred report, published Monday, is entitled An evaluation of the illness of US government employees and their families in embassies abroad.

It stated that not all the patients analyzed shared the same symptoms and, in fact, the cases are very heterogeneous.

The report also specified that some of the people tested described only a set of nonspecific chronic symptoms, which increases the possibility of multiple causes or mechanisms among different patients, as well as for the same patient.

From the first notification of the supposed events, Cuban authorities assumed very seriously the information transmitted by the Americans and an exhaustive investigation was developed, indicated by the Cuban Government's top management.

During the whole investigative process, the Cuban authorities have kept their American counterparts updated through verbal statements delivered to the United States Embassy, and diplomatic and security meetings.
According to Cuba, the politicization of this issue benefits a small group of the anti-Cuban extreme right, which persists in maintaining the hostile policy against the Caribbean nation, to the detriment of the genuine national interests of the United States and its people, who have shown support for the normalization of relations between the two countries.

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