The United States: are they really more “concerned” about Cuban doctors than about their deaths?

The United States: are they really more “concerned” about Cuban doctors than about their deaths?
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13 April 2020
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Apparently, some officials and lawmakers in the United States are not interested in the fact that, becoming the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, this country has passed the 2,000 deaths barrier in one day —  deaths have totaled the staggering figure of 18,637 already —, nor the infected population has risen to more than half a million*.

By contrast, they seem to be quite interested in “the working conditions of Cuban doctors working in third countries to fight the coronavirus."


This was announced last Friday by Michael G. Kozak, a senior State Department official, in a statement also signed by Florida Congressmen Mario Díaz-Balart, Francis Rooney and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, in which they accuse Havana to "exploit the coronavirus pandemic for its political benefit", referring to the "internationalist" doctors.


Kozak wrote on Twitter, “Cuba continues to violate multiple International Labor Organization conventions that protect workers' rights to organize, assemble and bargain collectively. Cuba, and countries accepting their doctors and nurses, must live up to their ILO commitments.



“We urge countries hosting Cuban doctors to protect their rights. Demand Cuba stop confiscating pay and passports. Require proof of medical credentials. Make bilateral agreements public. Crises don't justify trafficking medical professionals, who need protection now more than ever," added the senior official.


This man’s statements confirm that plotting is the priority of the US government, instead of human life or the respect for citizens’ right both in the US and the world.


The campaign of lies against Cuban doctors has nothing to do with the wellness of Cuban doctors, but with the electoral mess in that nation.


In an article released by El Nuevo Herald on March 1, former congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, in a burst of sincerity, stated: "Soon, the US State Department will submit its annual report on human trafficking, and many human rights activists here in the community of South Florida have worked hard lobbying our federal government to deservedly classify Cuban medical missions as human trafficking."


It is no secret who these pro-human rights activists are in the community of South Florida: members of the Anti-Cuban mafia she and the aforementioned congressmen are part of.


The lobbying she refers to is also not a mystery. This is another Quid pro quo, in the Ukraine’s style, between the Miami terrorist mafia and the current administration. Blinded by the hatred of a failure, which has now been in existence for 60 years, they are convinced that Trump will give them free rein to do whatever they want against the island in exchange of Trump’s electoral victory in Florida in 2020.


In their stubborn political madness, they do not even realize that the Cuban community, to which they say to represent, will not take part in any of this nor will hold their relatives in the island as hostages for their political or economical benefits.


On the other hand, it deeply hurts them that their campaign of lies against Cuban doctors, which is the same in favor of the US blockade, has showed no success in the international arena.



As soon as the pandemic unleashed, more than 15 countries in the world requested the solidarity of Cuba and nearly 70 acquired Cuban medicines.


Not without good reason. While Cuba is saving lives, the US government — going back to the best times of pirates and buccaneers — concentrates on stealing face masks and other medical supplies even to close allies, blocks the shipment of medical aid to Venezuela, Cuba and Iran, and threatens — in order to justify its helplessness to saving thousands of American citizens — to cut the 500-million funding to WHO.


Applause to Cuban health professionals around the world shows that the almost unanimous vote that takes place every year at the UN headquarters against the US blockade on Cuba, is not a routine ceremony. It is a strong statement against the greatest genocide of history.


Let's hope the Trump’s government, despite its cheap political maneuvering, can stop the number of deaths in its citizens.


Let’s not forget that the Henry Reeve Brigade, which is now saving lives in several countries, was created by Fidel (Castro) in 2005 to help victims in the United States after the havoc caused by Hurricane Katrina.




* By the time this comment was released, the death toll in the United States had already reached 20,000.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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