UNISOC 2024 promotes cultural identity

UNISOC 2024 promotes cultural identity
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28 March 2024
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A reflection of the effects of slavery on visual arts, the collective exhibition Oralidad pictórica – Los mensajeros de Olofi [Pictorial orality – Olorun’s messengers] is on display at the Plaza America Convention Center, venue of the 3rd International Scientific Congress “University-Society 2024”.

Oralidad… features sculptures, paintings and installations from a permanent exhibition organized in January 2019 at the Slave Route Museum which bring us closer to Cuban history and identity, as they highlight the victimization and pain suffered by the Africans who shaped our nationality, according to curator Emilio O'Farrill.

UNISOC 2024 showcases projects designed for the benefit of sustainable development through debates, workshops and symposiums on various topics, including science and innovation, energy, education, heritage, and health, in order to promote the development of good practices at community level.

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