Two victories at the start of the men's national chess tournament

Two victories at the start of the men's national chess tournament
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3 February 2023
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Alexey Fernandez from Havana and Elier Miranda from Villa Clara were the only winners among the 12 men who are taking part in the National Chess Championship in the city of Holguin.

The former defeated Rider Diaz from Holguin, while Elier overcame Jerzy Jesus Perez, also from Villa Clara, on a day in which Havana's Omar Almeida and Luis Ernesto Quesada from Avileña made peace in a duel of Olympians.

Also with division of honors resolved the host Isán Ortiz, against Ermes Espinosa from Villa Clara, in the longest match of the day, which closed after 60 moves of a Sicilian defense.

Mayabequense's Henry Soto and Havana's Dylan Berdayes also agreed a draw and a similar result was achieved by Santiago's Lelys Martinez and Camagüey's Carlos Daniel Albornoz.

The latter is the one who has the freshest memory of having won the absolute scepter, as he reigned in 2019 and 2020.

The still champion, Yasser Quesada, from Villa Clara, is not participating in the competition.

Pairing of the second date: Dylan-Albornoz, Elier-Lelys, Luis Ernesto-Jerzy, Isán-Almeida, Rider-Ermes and Henry-Alexey

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