Two States Are Necessary for Middle East Security: Jordan

Two States Are Necessary for Middle East Security: Jordan
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11 October 2023
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On Wednesday, King Abdullah II of Jordan stated that the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict confirms that the Middle East will not be safe or stable until a "fair and comprehensive peace" is achieved through the creation of two states.


Israel and Hamas Hostilities Continue, Nearly 2,000 Killed

"The occupied Palestinian territories are witnessing a serious escalation, acts of violence, and aggression, which once again confirm that our region will not enjoy security and stability without achieving a fair and comprehensive peace based on the two states," he said at the beginning of the inaugural session of the new Jordanian National Assembly.

Abdullah II insisted that "Jordan's position will remain steadfast" and it will not abandon its role "in defending and preserving the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem from the perspective of the Hashemite custodianship."

"Our compass will continue to be Palestine and its crown, the holy Jerusalem, and we will not deviate from defending its interests and just cause," he reiterated.


These words of Abdullah II come four days after the Islamist group Hamas launched a surprise and unprecedented military operation against Israel with thousands of rockets coming from the Gaza Strip.

The creation of the states of Israel and Palestine is one of the proposals of the Arab League member countries with the goal of achieving peace in the region and ending the conflict that erupted between the two parties in 1948.

Jordan, which has had relations with Israel since 1994 and is responsible for the management of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem, called for a halt to military actions in Gaza and its surroundings last Saturday.

It also warned of the serious repercussions of structural violence stemming from "Israeli aggressions and violations in the West Bank against the Palestinian people," to whom Israel "deprives of their rights."

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