Tribute to Cuban internationalists in Syria (+Photos)

Tribute to Cuban internationalists in Syria (+Photos)
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15 April 2023
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Syrians and Cubans paid tribute to the Cuban internationalist fighters who defended the sovereignty of this nation against Israeli aggressions during the war of October 1973. The ceremony was held on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the first defeat of the US invasion of Playa Girón (also known as Bay of Pigs).

The tribute took place at the headquarters of the first division of the Syrian Arab Army, some 25 kilometers south of Damascus, where a Cuban tank brigade, of 800 men, was stationed in 1974.

Major General Jaber Ali, commander of the first division, expressed his honor that his unit has welcomed brave internationalist soldiers from Cuba, who were in Syria in the same trench with the Syrian soldiers fighting against a common enemy.

The meeting was also an occasion to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the independence of Syria which is celebrated on April 17 every year and to express the rejection of the U.S. government blockade imposed on Cuba, Syria and other countries that defend their dignity, independence, sovereignty and history.

The event was attended by senior officers of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces and members of Cuba’s diplomatic mission in Syria.

Tribute was also paid at the Martyrs’ Cemetery in the town of Najha, southeast of the capital, where a wreath was laid at the monument of the unknown soldier.

Also, a bouquet of flowers was placed on the tomb of the Cuban fighter Eugenio Calvo Perez, who died in Syria while carrying out his internationalist mission on May 14, 1974.


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