Top representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba talk with young artists

Top representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba talk with young artists
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6 December 2020
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The Ministry of Culture opened its doors this Saturday to dialogue with young artists and creators who have not compromised their work with the enemies of the Cuban Revolution, Cubadebate reports through its Facebook page.

The Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonso; the vice minister Fernando Rojas; the president of Casa de las Américas, Abel Prieto; and the president of the UNEAC, Luis Morlote ; and the president of the Hermanos Saíz Association , Rafael González.

Among the young people participating in the dialogue are the plastic artist Humberto Díaz, the photographer Gabriel Guerra Bianchini , the audiovisual producer Joseph Ros, the Cuban actor Reinier Díaz, and the musician Jota Barrioz . Some of them were present on November 27, when people with diverse claims gathered in front of the Mincult .

During his speech, the Minister of Culture said that “the objective is to exchange with complete transparency, as we have always done. It has been a practice. Cultural policy was founded on dialogue. The more dialogue, the better the institutions have worked”.

He also announced that “we are going to open a cycle of dialogue because obviously it is necessary. It seems to us the most useful”.

Young people like the Cuban musician Christopher Simpson stressed that "dialogue is important and must be systematic"; while the musician Jota Barrioz argued that he supports bilateral dialogue: “I think we all want a better Cuba. I do not feel identified with the MSI, I come to speak as a citizen and an artist”.

The art critic, Maikel Rodríguez pointed out that “the idea that art has to be free is in the essence of Cuban art (...) The foreign art of the laws is a field of anarchy. The artist is a social subject and has to respond to social laws”.

The young Pedro Pablo Cruz said that “we have to act as a country and without naivety, because we all know that there are interests of the United States to destabilize the country, we have to think as a country and from the Ministry to generate dialogue, alliances and strategies (..) We must always promote a clash of ideas. And defend our virtues, those of this social project that we have. That we are not perfect and we have old methods, yes. We have the duty to demand ourselves as intellectuals ... We have to think with a left soul”.

José Ernesto Nováez, journalist and writer, pointed out: “I don't think there is a cultural leader in this country who doesn't understand the importance of dialogue. Which is not to say that it is always done (...) We cannot lose the perspective that this is not a pure debate. Behind much of the dialogue that is being requested, country projects are being negotiated. Where you want us to dialogue, we must be clear about what country project we defend. I always agree within the principles of a sovereign and socialist Cuba”.

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