Spain's coronavirus death toll spikes by 462 fatalities overnight, 4,500+ new cases

Spain's coronavirus death toll spikes by 462 fatalities overnight, 4,500+ new cases
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23 March 2020
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 The Spanish Health Ministry has confirmed that an additional 462 people died overnight bringing the country's total loss of life during the coronavirus crisis to 2,182.

Spain was among the first European countries to initiate a nationwide lockdown protocol as infection rates soared. The total number of coronavirus cases in the country rose from 28,572 to 33,089 on Monday, despite the best efforts of authorities to impose strict social distancing.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warned Saturday that "the worst is yet to come," as the nation's beleaguered health system struggles to turn the tide of infection.

"We are at war," Sanchez told a news briefing on Sunday, amid calls for a Europe-wide, coordinated public investment program akin to the Marshall Plan which followed World War II.

The Spanish government is hoping to extend the state of emergency and lockdown until at least April 11 as the country faces Europe's second-worst outbreak of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Spain's Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo has been hospitalised with a respiratory infection and is currently awaiting coronavirus test results.

The deputy Prime Minister went to a hospital yesterday afternoon, and after medical tests were carried out doctors decided she had to remain there to receive treatment for a “respiratory infection," the statement said.

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