Spain asked to buy vaccines, antivirals from Russia, Cuba, China

Spain asked to buy vaccines, antivirals from Russia, Cuba, China
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24 September 2020
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The Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG) asked Spain today to incorporate to its catalog of drugs against Covid-19 drugs from Russia, Cuba or China that showed their effectiveness against the disease caused by the SARS coronavirus- CoV-2.

At a press conference, the BNG spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Néstor Rego, urged the Spanish coalition government to add the drugs from these three countries to the portfolio of products to face the deadly virus.

Rego anticipated that his political formation will ask the Executive chaired by the social democrat Pedro Sánchez the reasons why it did not include Interferon (Cuba) or Avifavir (Russia) in its antiviral catalog.

He stressed that the Interferon Alpha 2b from the Caribbean island was effective in stopping the epidemic in the Chinese city of Wuhan, while the Russian Avifavir 'is significantly cheaper than others and cuts treatment time in half,' he emphasized.

'The fact that there is only one antiviral is incomprehensible when there are other effective ones,' Rego said, clearly alluding to Remdesivir.

He announced the next presentation in the Lower House of two BNG initiatives to try to convince the State that the logical thing is to opt for diversification in this matter.

'It does not seem to us that it is good to place all the eggs in the same basket', considered the Galician deputy, who called on the Government to put health before geostrategic criteria.

In his opinion, Spain should not limit itself to negotiating to acquire the vaccine that the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is developing in collaboration with the University of Oxford, which, he recalled, 'has run into difficulties in its experimental phase.'

We are concerned that health factors do not prevail, but the economic factors of large laboratories and geostrategic criteria, he remarked.

For the leftist politician, it would be historically irresponsible to turn this into a kind of new cold war in which world hegemony in this matter is at stake.

'You have to cooperate instead of compete to find a global solution,' he claimed.

The Galician Nationalist Bloc will also ask the Sánchez administration to open contacts with Russia to be able to acquire doses of its Sputnik V vaccine, as well as three others developed by China.


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