Social organizations in Panama reject mining contract

Social organizations in Panama reject mining contract
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19 August 2023
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Social organizations informed that they will march on Monday to the National Assembly (Parliament) to demand the rejection of the contract signed by the Government with the company Minera Panama.

In the call circulating on social media, the organizations, grouped in the Alianza Pueblo Unido por la Vida (United People for Life Alliance), pointed out that the pact is illegal, criminal and a treason, and called on the lawmakers not to approve it.

Next Monday, the pact signed with the Canadian transnational First Quantum for the extraction of minerals in Donoso, Colon province, will be submitted for debate to the Commission of Commerce and Economic Affairs of the Legislative.

On August 3, Minister of Commerce and Industry Federico Alfaro presented the bill to the plenary of deputies and emphasized that 50 percent of the funds to be received (some 375 million dollars annually) will be distributed to program for Disability, Senior Citizens and Death (IVM) of the Social Security Fund (CSS), to increase the amount of pensions.

There will also be contributions for three neighboring townships in the provinces of Cocle and Colon, according to the Minister.

After its debate in the Commerce Commission, presided by lawmaker Roberto Abrego, from the ruling Democratic Revolutionary Party, the contract will be submitted to the legislative plenary. The Assembly cannot modify the text, it can only approve it or reject it.

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