Russia’s naval visit to Cuba does not threaten the region

Russia’s naval visit to Cuba does not threaten the region
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7 June 2024
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The presence in Cuba of a detachment of Russian warships does not represent a threat to regional stability, the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba said.

The nuclear-powered submarine Kazan, the fleet oil tanker Pashin, the rescue tug Nikolai Chiker and the frigate Gorshkov will arrive in this capital next Wednesday and will remain here until June 17.

“None of the ships are nuclear-weapon-carrying vessels, so their stopover in our country poses no threat to the region,” the notification released by the Ministry assures.

The agenda of the Russian sailors, according to the information, includes meetings with government authorities in the Cuban capital and tours of places of cultural and historical interest, among other social events.

Upon the arrival of the detachment, 21 shots will be fired from a ship as a salute to the Cuban nation, which will be reciprocated by an artillery battery from the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress.

The visit “corresponds to the historic relations of friendship between Cuba and Russia”, said the press release, which added that it complies with “the international regulations to which Cuba is a State Party.”

The visits of naval units from other countries is a historic practice of the revolutionary government with the nations with which it maintains friendly and cooperative relations, the communiqué stressed.

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