Russia’s economy remains robust despite Western sanctions

Russia’s economy remains robust despite Western sanctions
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14 August 2022
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The West's sanctions against Russia are not working, as the economy is resisting safely, the director of the North American Department at the Foreign Ministry, Aleksandr Darchiyev, said on Saturday.

“The current US administration has isolated itself from Moscow by introducing more and more sanctions, which are announced as ‘crippling’ or ‘hellish’, but which in general do not work. It doesn’t work for them to ‘shatter’ our economy, which is firmly resisting,” the diplomat said in an interview with TASS news agency.

He did not rule out the possibility that if the US can use common sense and soberly assesses the changing geopolitical landscape and indicates not in words, but in deeds the desire to respect Russian national interests, then there will be a basis for a gradual normalization of bilateral relations.

However, Darchiyev added that such chances are currently unthinkable as the West’s military aid to Ukraine is in the multi-billion-dollar range, thinking that by filling Ukraine with weapons they will slow down the tasks set by Russia for the military operation.

At the same time, he summarized that “the security risks for the international community associated with the proliferation of weapons transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the black markets are quite real.”

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