Russia will sell products in Cuba through a special commercial house

Russia will sell products in Cuba through a special commercial house
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29 March 2023
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The head of the Business Council between Russia and Cuba, Boris Titov, announced in Moscow that his country will sell food, chemical products and other household items to the Caribbean nation through a special commercial house.

The Russian politician and businessman stated that the new facility would be a unified wholesale importer of products, and would independently determine prices in the Cuban retail market.

Titov, who met with the Havana ambassador to the Eurasian country, Julio Garmendía, added that one of the projects consists of creating a joint venture with the Cuban state corporation Cimex.

He stressed that Cuba granted preliminary consent, and Russia is currently waiting for a contract to be signed that will allow progress in solving complicated logistical problems, such as the transport of merchandise and insurance.

Another area of ​​bilateral cooperation is tourism, which is why the possibility of building an independent hotel for Russian travelers is being considered, taking into account the gradual recovery of the flow of vacationers from that country to the Cuban archipelago.


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