Russia rejects blockade and denounces US anti-Cuba campaign

Russia rejects blockade and denounces US anti-Cuba campaign
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5 December 2023
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We express our categorical rejection to the US sanctions campaign against Cuba, which represents a serious violation of International Law and the UN Charter, the Russian ambassador to this country, Viktor Koronelli, denounced today.

After recalling his country’s firm rejection to the US blockade against Cuba, the diplomat said that in this campaign “we see the obvious trend for such practices to become an illegal strategy of persecution and repression of “undesirable” governments all over the world.

US is trying to turn the planet into its “backyard”, giving the famous “Monroe Doctrine” a global scope and illegal unilateral sanctions the status of a tool to force sovereign countries to do its bidding, the official stressed.

Cuba is a clear example of the depravity of this disastrous policy, used by the United States to achieve its own opportunistic and selfish objectives, he pointed out in exclusive for Prensa Latina.

Moreover, it completely ignores not only geopolitical realities, but also elementary moral principles. A new confirmation of this line was the decision of Washington to extend in September 2023, for one more year, the validity of anti-Cuban sanctions, Koronelli pointed out.

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