Russia defends its integrity amid gas price battle

Russia defends its integrity amid gas price battle
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16 October 2021
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Russia remains at the center of the accusations for high gas prices in Europe, despite repeated statements and demonstrations of the stable fulfillment of its contracts abroad.


Nevermind that the first vice president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, assured the BTV television channel that the Russian company Gazprom fully complies with the long-term gas supply contracts to the European Union and does not manipulate market prices, Russia is associated with the solution of the problem to such a degree that President Vladimir Putin, and Russia itself come to light in every international discussion on the subject in the public arena.

Putin said the same thing last Wednesday during his speech at the Russia Energy Week forum, adding that the country has never rejected new requests from its partners, even outside contracts.

'In the difficult fall and winter periods of recent years, if our partners asked us to increase supplies, even beyond our contractual obligations, we always did so,' he said at the event.

He stated that stability and predictability are important for any market and insisted that Russia works steadily to strengthen the energy security of the entire European continent in the coming years, and gave as examples the Turkish Stream, Balkan Stream, Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 projects, implemented together with European companies and which will lead to a significant reduction in the production of greenhouse gases.

The head of state stressed that the Russian company Gazprom produces more than 500 billion cubic meters of gas, 'production is growing and will continue to grow', while its reserves exceed 35 billion cubic meters, and stressed that despite the continued accusations to Russia for the destabilization of fuel prices, the country increases supplies to Europe, which currently generates about 54 billion cubic meters of gas a year.

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