Russia and Cuba to seek concrete actions to revitalize trade

Russia and Cuba to seek concrete actions to revitalize trade
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19 May 2023
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At the 11th Meeting of the Business Committee, held at the National Hotel in Havana, Russia, and Cuba today called for concrete actions to revitalize trade between the two countries.

The Meeting was attended by representatives from 52 Russian and 106 Cuban companies, the President of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce Antonio Carricante Corona praised, as he opened the event.

Since the celebration in Moscow back in September 2019, the scenario has changed and a more complicated business situation has been faced in recent times, Carricante Corona noted.

Now it is not only a matter of analyzing possibilities of supplies, but also of seeking partnerships for domestic industrial productions, Carricante added.

Every project promoted between both nations is for the economic recovery, that is why it is called to work with creativity, Carricante stated.

The Commercial Representative of the Russian Embassy in Cuba Serguei Baldin, on the other hand, said that in 2022 the bilateral exchange stood at $450 million, in which Russian exports tripled, Carricante stressed.

Baldin suggested to reverse such a situation by using, institutional mechanisms such as the 16 working groups within the Russia-Cuba Business Committee and the nine sectoral groups of businessmen.

Likewise, Boris Titov, commissioner to the head of state for the rights of businessmen and president of the Russian session of the Business Committee of both nations, estimated that commercial relations are going through a new change.

In Titov’s standpoint, great expectations are being opened up, since Cuba is also undergoing a new change with greater support to its entrepreneurship, providing opportunities for cooperation with Russian businessmen.

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