Puerto Rican solidarity organization ratifies support for Cuba after hurricane

Puerto Rican solidarity organization ratifies support for Cuba after hurricane
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29 September 2022
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San Juan, Sep 29(RHC) The Cuba Solidarity Committee of Puerto Rico, ratified its support to the people and government of that country in the face of the adversity caused by Hurricane Ian.

Milagros Rivera, president of the Cuba Solidarity Committee said: We know that Cuba will count on the greatest solidarity of the world to overcome this moment, which added to the worst of hurricanes they are also facing a criminal blockade imposed by the United States.

She also referred to the tightening of Washington's economic, commercial and financial siege during times of the Covid-19 pandemic in an attempt to surrender the heroic Cuban people through hunger and disease.

Rivera revealed to Prensa Latina that the unjust laws of the blockade are preventing the Cuba Solidarity Committee to help the Island in the shortest possible time, "but we will not be indifferent to our brothers in Pinar del Río and Isla de la Juventud", those most affected by Ian.

"Somehow we will send some kind of aid even if U.S. federal agencies try to stop it, as they tried to do with the collection for those affected by the tragedy in the Matanzas supertanker’s base, demonstrating the criminal nature of their actions against Cuba," said the Puerto Rican activist.

The category three hurricane passed through the western area of Cuba and severely affected Pinar del Río.

Rivera assured me to know all the measures that the Cuban government and population took to save lives and properties. She stressed that Cuba knew how to face atmospheric disasters and this time should be no different.

She pointed out that in Puerto Rico the privatization of essential services for the population and their harmful consequences in the event of any atmospheric affectation prevails, while in Cuba the people are favored. That difference is remarkable, she affirmed.

"No empire will be able to block our support to these people. The greatest solidarity we can give to Cuba is to continue fighting against the criminal blockade and for our country to be free", she added about the colonial domination exercised by the United States.

In this way, and faced with situations like this one, we can help each other without restrictions or fences in the framework of a more than century-old friendship between Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Rivera urged the Puerto Rican population not to be deceived or intimidated and to continue cultivating the friendship between the two countries (Source: Prensa Latina).

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