President of Spain will travel to China to meet with his counterpart Xi Jinping

President of Spain will travel to China to meet with his counterpart Xi Jinping
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29 March 2023
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Spanish President Pedro Sánchez plans to travel to China this Thursday and Friday to meet with his counterpart Xi Jinping.

Among the objectives of the visit is the strengthening of relations between the two countries. A good starting point for increasing exchanges with notable economic-commercial accent, is the fact that Spain and China celebrate 50 years this year of diplomatic ties, as indicated today by official sources.

Sánchez, who on July 1 will assume the semi-annual leadership of the European Union (EU), will take advantage of the occasion to inquire about Beijing's peace plan that will try to end the war between Russia and Ukraine.

In comments prior to the trip, Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares valued the spaces that the head of the Spanish Executive will have to talk with Xi Jinping about the situation of the war in Ukraine, by virtue of the presidency close to the EU for part of Spain.

Sánchez's first stop will be on the island of Hainan (south), to take part in the Boao Forum, considered the "Asian Davos" and which this year is resumed after the pandemic under the slogan "An uncertain world: solidarity and cooperation for development in the midst of challenges”.

This is an opportunity that the president will take advantage of to talk about the modernization of his country's economy and talk with a representation of the broad community of Spanish businessmen who do business in China.

Spain, according to official figures, exported goods worth 8,14 million euros to China in 2022. However, in the opposite direction, imports were 49,653 million euros, which accentuated the disproportion of the balance of trade.

Madrid considers that Chinese products are more protected than Spanish ones, but is confident in reducing the asymmetries in relation to new initiatives and a climate more open to knowledge that is also perceived by the Asian side.

A campaign to promote Spanish products beyond the food sector and an investment profile are the tools that Spain intends to exploit more, according to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Sánchez will be in Hainan on Thursday and a meeting with Xi Jinping is scheduled for Friday.

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