President of Peru to be questioned for another investigation

President of Peru to be questioned for another investigation
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29 May 2024
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Peruvian President Dina Boluarte will be questioned by the Prosecutor's Office as part of the investigation opened against her for alleged obstruction of justice after she was reported to Parliament on bribery charges.

The questioning will refer to the open investigation into Boluarte’s alleged role in the deactivation of the police unit supporting the Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Team.

The dissolution of the police unit was preceded by the separation of its former boss, Colonel Harvey Colchado, who was subjected to an investigation linked to the raid on the president’s home and her office in the Government Palace.

The investigation accuses Colchado and other officers of not having complied with the rules of procedure, but the officer’s lawyer, Miguel Pérez, said that this is Boluarte’s revenge, pointing out that the investigation has a political nature, and added that the inquiry on the PNP Inspectorate may also aim to annul the evidence, a piece of jewelry and a certificate for a Rolex watch found in the search of Boluarte’s home, ordered by a judge as part of the investigations that led to the bribery complaint against her.

The objective would be to overthrow the investigation and the complaint for presenting evidence that lacked validity because it was supposedly obtained irregularly, Pérez said.

Sources close to the Public Ministry indicated that another complaint against the president for deaths during social protests against Boluarte’s promotion is virtually ready.

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