Piedad Córdoba, a Woman Who Inspires Millions

Piedad Córdoba, a Woman Who Inspires Millions
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24 January 2024
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Piedad Córdoba has passed away, say the media and accounts on social networks and the news spreads like wildfire and generates the most diverse reactions. But the truth is that, the social fighter, the activist, the leader of so many, the congresswoman and senator representing those who need it most, multiplies.

As “an integral Latin American, a brave woman, a human being”, the eternal Commander Hugo Chávez described her and I’d rather stand behind that conception of her intense life, for her dedication to what she believed and loved, for her intense battle, which made her a “threat” to ignominy, social injustices, inequality, violence, neoliberalism.

She then stood as an example, as a flag of dignity and strength, with a tireless spirit with which she also accompanied the most democratic and progressive processes on the continent, she stood up for the most disadvantaged and understood that peace was the way, and not just for her beloved Colombia, but for Latin America.

Piedad was the black woman that they tried to stigmatize, denigrate, the unwavering voice that they wanted to silence but couldn’t, the one who said what she thought and acted in accordance with her principles and values, the one who felt great pride in her origins and defended the indigenous peoples like no one else, the peasants, the blacks, the “neglected” and she never lacked the vision and drive to denounce injustices committed anywhere in the world.

Many wanted her dead - those who may celebrate today - and others thought that she would already be dead when she was disqualified from exercising again in Colombian politics; they did not imagine that it would only be a public pause to resume with greater energy and join the Historical Pact in the desire to once and for all lift its people from the ashes and participate in the transformative process that they needed.

In Cuba we had her many times, this was also her home and she made it her own, as she made her own the struggle of Cubans for their sovereignty and independence, against the blockade, for women's rights and for a just, prosperous socialist, and sustainablesociety. We saw her embrace Fidel, talk, share, listen to each other and surely, they learned, conceived and dreamed together, the better world they believed possible.

Piedad Córdoba will always be there, because she is and will be one of those unique ones, those who fight all their lives and that’s why today, more than ever, she inspires millions.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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