Pedro Castillo calls on Peruvians to keep the flame of hope alive

Pedro Castillo calls on Peruvians to keep the flame of hope alive
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10 December 2023
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Former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo has demanded his immediate release and reinstatement, marking one year since his provisional detention on charges of rebellion and conspiracy.

On December 7, 2022, Castillo announced the dissolution of Congress and the establishment of a government to rule by decree.  This move received no support from any party or the military.   Subsequently, he was removed by the Legislature and arrested while heading to the Mexican embassy. Castillo was later sent to prison with a provisional detention valid up to 2025.

Since then, his defense lawyer has filed five habeas corpus petitions with the Constitutional Court in an attempt to achieve his release.
During a public hearing on December 4, Castillo requested the nullification of the proceedings against him. The Constitutional Court is expected to rule on the petitions filed by his lawyers.

Castillo emphasized that he never took up arms and his actions were not coordinated with anyone. He also asserted that his removal resulted from a conspiracy between the Congress and the Prosecutor's Office, which was investigating him for alleged corruption.

"A year ago, Peru witnessed the kidnapping I suffered at the hands of criminal groups that now exercise corrupt control over our country. They usurped my people's will by snatching away their votes. These groups massacred the people when they rose in protest."

"Peruvians, let's keep the flame of hope alive, persevere in our struggle to free our homeland from the criminal claws threatening our future. Here, no one gives up! Freedom and reinstatement!" Castillo posted on social media.

This past week, hundreds of Peruvians took to the streets to protest against President Dina Boluarte, who was appointed a year ago by Congress after Castillo's removal.

Lima and other cities in the southern part of the country witnessed protest marches, occurring one day after the release of former dictator Alberto Fujimori and the suspension of Prosecutor Patricia Benavides.

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