Participants in 21st international documentary film festival discuss documentary narratives

Participants in 21st international documentary film festival discuss documentary narratives
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6 March 2024
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Participants of the 21st Santiago Alvarez In Memoriam International Documentary Film Festival discussed today about the expressive possibilities of that genre in contemporary narratives.

In the Sierra Maestra Hall of the Meliá Santiago de Cuba Hotel, in thos eastern Cuban city, filmmaker Rolando Almirante said that in the post-truth era there are many ways to make documentaries, where this genre coexists with theater, philosophy and other expressions.

He pointed out that it is a pending challenge to coexist with social networks, a mechanism that generates a form of reception, and with the great centers of communicational power, against which the forms of creation and national culture must be defended.

The formation of an audiovisual artist does not obey simple processes, he said, he must feel the creation and deepen in the cultural heritage and study.

According to Fatima Patterson, director of Estudio Teatral Macuba, nowadays genres are mixed, a link that makes it possible to obtain an integrating and outstanding final product.

In the words of filmmaker Victor Casaus, the Pablo de la Torriente Cultural Center will award from the next edition of the "Santiago Alvarez" the Memory Award, which seeks to promote the genre of testimony and oral history among Cuban researchers, writers, journalists, historians and sociologists.

Today's program of the event includes screenings of the competing and special screenings at the Rialto, Caney and Turquino movie theaters, as well as a lecture by Colombian director Natalia Orozco at the Bernabe Muñiz Guibernau Image Museum in this city.

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