Paris Peace Accords, a resounding victory of Vietnam

Paris Peace Accords, a resounding victory of Vietnam
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27 January 2023
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Half a century after its signing, the Paris Peace Agreements are recognized here as a resounding victory of Vietnam's revolutionary diplomacy in President Ho Chi Minh's era.

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of that event “is recalling the magnitude and high significance of that special historical document, its validity and learnt lessons” VNA news agency noted in an extensive article released this Friday.

According to historians, the Paris negotiation, started on May 13, 1968, was a difficult struggle between Vietnam and the United States, which took place in a complex historical context, marked by the formation and increasingly strong development of the socialist countries system, the text stated.

The beginning of the talks in the French capital marked a new phase of Vietnam’s resistance struggle, of confrontation on the battlefield and, at the same time, on the diplomatic front, with the slogan of fighting and negotiating at the same time.

Months after the talks had begun, in front of Vietnam’s legitimate stance and attitude and due to several difficulties and losses on the battlefield, the then US President Lyndon Johnson was forced to declare an end to all acts of war against North Vietnam.

After that, Vietnam’s struggle against the United States revolved around the format and the elements of the conference, and agreed to organize a four-party meeting.

The Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the National Front for the Liberation of the South (the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam), the United States, and the Republic of Vietnam (Saigon administration) were present in that meeting.

A commemorative stamp will be issued here today to highlight the importance of the Agreement, affirm the spirit of patriotism, the resilience and power of the great national unity and awaken the spirit for the development of a prosperous and happy country.

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