Panamanian artists congrat Cuba on National Culture Day

Panamanian artists congrat Cuba on National Culture Day
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20 October 2020
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A message to Cuba in ten-verse stanzas from the National Assembly of Panama and the congratulations by an orchestra performing 'son' music from the Caribbean island, are on Tuesday tributes to Cuban culture.

Poet Luis 'Cholo' Bernal, director of culture and sports at the Panamanian Parliament, dedicated a message with octosyllabic verses in which he reflected the historical significance of the celebration for the day the Cuban National Anthem was sung in public for the first time in Bayamo, eastern Cuba.

Adalberto Bazan, director and singer of Son Kayory orchestra, also sent a congratulation message to the promoters of the Cuban culture, which 'is a world reference, a culture of struggle, gallantry and truly represents the dignity of a people that make progress despite a criminal blockade (by the United States).'

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