Palestinian leader demands justice for his people and end of attacks

Palestinian leader demands justice for his people and end of attacks
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22 October 2023
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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday denounced Israel's new aggression against his people and the mass displacement plans on the occupied territories, and demanded a fair solution to end the conflict.
This meeting is taking place under cruel circumstances while our defenseless people are facing brutal aggression, Abbas stated at a summit convened by Egypt to discuss the issue.

“The Israeli war machine violates international humanitarian law by targeting civilians, the majority of whom are children and women, and facilities without discrimination,” the president pointed out.

Abbas warned against any attempts to displace Gaza citizens to the neighboring Sinai Peninsula in northeastern Egypt or from the West Bank to Jordan.

He stressed that we will not accept displacement and remain steadfast on our land, no matter the challenges.

The president stressed that we have called from day one to stop this barbaric aggression immediately and open humanitarian corridors to bring medical supplies and food, but the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu did not allow it.

Abbas repeated his condemnation of “the killing of civilians on both sides and the release of all civilians, prisoners, and detainees.”

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