New titles celebrate 502nd anniversary of Cuba’s capital city

New titles celebrate 502nd anniversary of Cuba’s capital city
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11 November 2021
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The book "Mas luces y sombras" (More Lights and Shadows), by Estrella Diaz, on Thursday reveals the work done by 30 Cuban artists on the occasion of the 502nd anniversary of Havana and the 25th anniversary of Ediciones Boloña publisher.

The book launching is accompanied by the homonymous collective exhibition that shows the creative universe of each of the artists and includes several interviews about their cultural work along with the Office of the Historian of Havana City (OHC).

The volume, which includes more than 30 conversations edited by Yoel Lugones with design by Enrique Smith and Katia Lugones, will be launched at Calle Madera in Plaza de Armas (Armas Square), as part of the Ediciones Boloña Book Fair that is celebrating its first 25 years.

“Luces y sombras” (Lights and Shadows) emerged as a radio program at Habana Radio station, belonging to the OHC and, later on, it went on to the written word thanks to the completion of the multimedia the respectable Cuban institution promotes and develops.


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