Nearly 500 foreign runners confirmed for Marabana 2022

Nearly 500 foreign runners confirmed for Marabana 2022
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8 November 2022
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Havana, November 8 (JIT) -- "We can confirm 490 foreign runners for Marabana 2022 on November 20," Carlos Gattorno Correa, director of the National Commission of Marabana-Maracuba Races and Walks (CNCC), told JIT.

Of that total, 453 will travel expressly to this capital to take the start of the event.  The rest are temporary or permanent residents of the largest Caribbean archipelago.

"Because of the times humanity is going through, we are proud to welcome marathon runners from 51 nations to our country," said Gattorno.

They will compete in the main Cuban pedestrian competition with 2 thousand 21 hosts, who will start at 6:30 in the morning in front of the Ramón Fonst multipurpose hall in the capital, on Independencia Avenue.

The distance with the largest number of walkers is the 10 kilometers, with 1,193, followed by the half marathon with 325. In the 42 kilometers with 195 meters, 121 athletes will participate.

The Mexican Javier Noriega Guzman, surveyor category A of the World Athletics (WA) and the World Association of Marathons and Distance Races (Aims), begins this Tuesday, along with Cuban specialists, the measurement of the circuit that will also have a finish line in front of the multipurpose Fonst.

"We will take advantage of the presence of the expert sent by WA and the Aims for several of our referees to increase their category", expressed Gattorno.

Noriega will be assisted in his work by Faustino Heredia Machado, president of the National Rules and Refereeing Commission of Inder; Juan Carlos Mesa López, deputy general director of the CNCC; Roberto Apaceiro Fernández, athletics coach and international technical official; and Jorge Luis Vega Zamora, also athletics coach.

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