National Ballet of Cuba succeeds in its tour through Spain

National Ballet of Cuba succeeds in its tour through Spain
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24 April 2024
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The Spanish public enjoyed two performances of Don Quixote de la Mancha by the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) at the Kursaal Fernando Arrabal Theater in the Autonomous City of Melilla.
The program was composed of the bullfighters’ scene from Don Quixote – to which the Grand Adagio of the pas de deux of the third act was added in the second performance – with Jorge Guerra as the bullfighter Espada, and Estefanía Hernández as his lover Mercedes.

Subsequently, the prima ballerina and director of the BNC, Viengsay Valdés (as Kitri), Ányelo Montero (Basilio), Gabriela Druyet (Mercedes) and Luis Fernández (Espada) performed just half an hour apart.

Also presented were “Muto”, by Alberto Méndez, with Roque Salvador; “Didenoi”, by Maruxa Salas, performed by Loiret Ortega (first performance) and Paloma Blanco (second performance), along with José Ángel González and Ángel Rojas; in addition to “Loss”, the third pas de deux of “Love Fear Loss”, with Viengsay Valdés, Ányelo Montero and pianist Idalgel Marquetti; “Majísimo”, with Anette Delgado and Dani Hernández (main couple), Laura Blanco and Alejandro Alderete, Estefanía Hernández and Jorge Guerra, and Alianed Moreno and Luis Fernández.

The first of the performances also included the love duet of “Espartaco”, by Plisetsky, Anette Delgado, and Dani Hernández, and “Rítmicas”, by Iván Tenorio, with Gabriela Druyet and Yunior Palma.

The BNC debuted in Oviedo, Asturias, at the beginning of its extensive tour through Spain and Portugal. Later it performed in San Lorenzo del Escorial, Móstoles, Toledo, Granada, Cádiz, Estepona, Málaga, and this Wednesday in Alicante.

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