Musicávila, from La Piña Colada to Cubadisco 2024

Musicávila, from La Piña Colada to Cubadisco 2024
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24 May 2024
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"We’ll wear the Piña Colada T-shirt  these days to represent Ciego de Ávila," said  Sandra Ramos, the director of Musicávila, the company that represents the musicians from Ciego de Ávila and whom I met, precisely, in the busy days of the major Musical party of the center of Cuba.

We are in the Pabellon Cuba, during the Cubadisco International Fair. So far they got there with their team to become the first provincial company inserted in this relevant event of the music industry. In fact, for that scoop began the young musicologist from Ciego de Avila Miraima García to tell us about the experience:

«That a provincial company manages to position itself in a space like this, which allows exchange with state and non-state actors, which also allows us to dream with the chance of discovering the talent of our artists from the viewpoint of our music industry, that’s already a huge step. It’s our first year, we have had to adapt, adjust a lot; we have tried to create a sui generis stand, which somehow represents the voice of our artists, and always taking care of aesthetics, visuality, and we also have promotions that are reproducing all the time for those who pass by...

"As a company, we have taken advantage of this moment for reflection where we have to direct the future of our catalog so that it reaches greater positioning in the record market, which sometimes is stirs so much controversy in Cuba."
It’s not just at the Fair there’s a representation of the Land of the Musicávila Catalog: «We are very happy with the Cubadisco Award in the Research category, which the Fanm Zetwal Group received this year, it’s anew integration to our catalog, but which already surprises us for its presence in events such as the Grammy Awards».

On the one hand the company's commercial deputy director, Liria Castañeda, stressed: «We see here in Cubadisco a source of possibilities of expanding marketing efforts with our artists: we carry out some efforts that leave us very hopeful to expand the commercialization abroad, for example.

«But it has also been productive in the field of identifying new events and spaces in which our artists of the Musicávila catalog have the possibility of exchanging with national and international colleagues. I think it has been a very fruitful experience that we try to make the most.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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