Michelle Curto, an Italian with a Cuban heart

Michelle Curto, an Italian with a Cuban heart
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6 August 2022
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The name of Michelle Curto, an Italian "rooted in Cuba with his frequent travels and bulletproof solidarity, is recurrent in the Cuban media.

The European activist, founder and president of the Agency for Cultural and Economic Exchange with Cuba (AICEC) since 2014, captivates with his vehemence and sincerity when talking about many projects he has promoted for the good of Cubans in the most dissimilar spheres.

Curto’s list of commitments to Cubans is copious including the donations sent amid harsh times of Covid-19, support to the Henry Reeve brigade doctors in Italy, as well as his strong support for Juvenil De Corazón initiative.

The key to Michelle Curto’s devotion and selflessness lies in his life history, marked by his days as student and parliamentary leader, of which he recalled his ultimately successful opposition to the decoration of a notorious counterrevolutionary of Cuban origin.

Such progressive and leftist convictions led him to discover in the Cuban Revolution those strengths that turn a small country, with no natural resources, into a moral power providing assistance to the neediest globally and is committed to achieving the greatest possible justice.


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