Mexico prepares parade for 112th anniversary of Revolution

Mexico prepares parade for 112th anniversary of Revolution
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15 November 2022
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Mexico, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina) November 20 is the national date recognized by the people because on that day, 112 years ago, the Mexican Revolution, led by the most current historic figures of the nation, started.

Figures such as Francisco I. Madero, Emiliano Zapata, Francisco Villa, and Alvaro Obregón, among others, stood out.

An intense week to prepare the festivities began on Monday to commemorate the history written by those men and the heroism in their long and hard battle for Mexico’s independence and sovereignty.

The federal and local governments and the commanders of the armed forces in charge of the commemorative parade played a leading role.

The Ministries of Defense, the Navy, and the National Guard, recently founded, have already made progress in their work to honor the heroes and martyrs of that great deed that remains permanently in the minds and souls of Mexicans.

Mexico City will be a stage where thousands of soldiers from the three corps, dressed as revolutionaries, indigenous people, Adelitas (female soldiers), and the most significant historic characters, will participate in the parade.

The aim is to highlight the participation of women, organizers said.

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