Mexico Eyes Return to G77+China Group

Mexico Eyes Return to G77+China Group
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16 September 2023
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Mexico aims to rejoin the G77+China group, the largest coalition of developing nations within the UN framework, to participate in global discussions.

Alicia Barcena, the Foreign Minister, made this known at a Global South summit in Havana. The meeting focused on science, tech, and new ideas.

Barcena says Mexico aims to shape a better world. It wants to boost South-South teamwork to fight climate change and balance global issues.

She stressed the role of the G77+China in finding peaceful development paths.

She also called for more global science sharing and school partnerships. Barcena strongly opposed the U.S. sanctions on Cuba, calling them unjust and against global law.

Mexico Eyes Return to G77+China Group -

Mexico Eyes Return to G77+China Group – Alicia Barcena. (Photo Internet reproduction)

She disagreed with labeling Cuba as a state sponsor of terror. “No country should face one-sided penalties,” she stated.

Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela leaders attended the Havana summit, along with the UN’s top official, António Guterres.


The G77+China group has 134 members, a key part of the UN. Mexico left the group in 1994 to join the OECD. It was the only Latin American nation not in the G77+China.

This group is the largest, most diverse body for global talks. It includes 134 countries and represents 80% of the world’s population.

The G77 focuses on multilateralism. It sets this as the main principle, despite member differences.

The presidency rotates annually among regions like Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Cuba became the president in a New York ceremony on January 12, 2023.

Under Cuba, the G77 aims to build a new global economic system. It’s also strengthening its internal political talks.

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