Mexican Diplomats Who Were in Ecuador Return to Mexico

Mexican Diplomats Who Were in Ecuador Return to Mexico
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7 April 2024
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Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena was grateful for the accompaniment of the ambassadors of Germany, Cuba, Panama, and Honduras, at the time of receiving the diplomatic staff who were in Ecuador at the time of the assault on Mexico’s diplomatic headquarters in Quito.

"Our diplomatic staff leaves everything in Ecuador and returns home with the forehead and the name of Mexico held high after the assault on our Embassy. Thank you friends and allies for your solidarity." said the head of Mexican diplomacy.

"Mexico reiterates its condemnation of the violation of the immunity of its embassy in Quito and the assault on its personnel. On instructions from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador we are coordinating the return of all our accredited personnel in Ecuador along with their families," the Foreign Minister reiterated.

Grateful for the accompaniment of ambassadors from , , , and the president. of the Ecuador-Mexico Chamber. Our diplomatic staff leaves everything at and returns home with their heads and the name of held high after an assault on our Embassy. Thank you friends and allies for your solidarity.

The official also thanked several diplomatic representatives accredited in Ecuador dismissed this Sunday the contingent of the diplomatic legation leaving for Mexico. Bárcena had informed today in a video that the 18 people would travel today on a commercial flight from Quito to Mexico, and the group was composed of diplomats and their families.

Bárcena indicated that the Mexican embassy in Ecuador will remain closed indefinitely, as well as consular services, so that the Mexican and business community living in Ecuador -which are more than 1,600 people- can continue to receive assistance through the Registration System for Mexican People Abroad.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico reported that her country will go before the International Court of Justice and all relevant regional and international bodies before "this clear and flagrant violation of international law".

The Ecuadorian Police's assault on the Mexican embassy in Quito brought as consequence the inmediate break on the diplomatic relationships between the Central American and the South American one, also Nicaragua breaked ties with Ecuador in solidarity with Mexico.


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