Mendive’s retrospective exhibition at Cuba’s Museum of Fine Arts

Mendive’s retrospective exhibition at Cuba’s Museum of Fine Arts
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18 May 2024
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With the opening of the retrospective exhibition “Mendive. Pan con guayaba, una vida feliz” (Mendive. Bread and Guava, a Happy Life) on Friday, by Cuban visual artist Manuel Mendive, the Havana-based Museum of Fine Arts has joined the tribute to the National Plastic Art Award winner on his 80th birthday.

The most important distinction in Cuba for plastic artists was awarded to Manuel Mendive in 2001, and 23 years later, the outstanding creator presented this exhibition, as his first major retrospective in Cuba, conceived in conjunction with the Mendive Art Project, to celebrate his birthday.

The exhibition, which consists of about 100 artworks, combines several languages and media, such as painting, sculpture, installation, video and performance. This set will bring together pieces from Mendive’s academic period as a student, the paintings on “found” boards, the planimetry of the 1960s when he addressed Yoruba myths, popular traditions and historic stories.

The exhibition also includes his latest work with which he investigates, with a universal view, about man, nature and religion.

It is a tour that, in addition, makes a mandatory guideline in the section dedicated to performance and body painting, the first exhibition reflection about these languages and their relevance, within the artist’s career and the history of art in Cuba. The exhibition is taking place at the Central Patio Gallery and Temporary Room, on the third level of the Cuban Art Building of the Museum of Fine Arts.

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