Melia hotel chain boosts new tourism services in Cuba

Melia hotel chain boosts new tourism services in Cuba
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26 August 2020
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Havana.- The Melia Hotels International Cuba chain is designing a new lodging regime in order to boost trips and stays to carry out remote work from the island, the company disclosed on Wednesday.
According to the information, the company implements strategies to introduce proposals to the market aimed to meet the needs of important areas of the public.

Remote work, a variant that is gaining adherents in the face of the prevailing world scenario, can be carried out from anywhere in the world, and Cuba is an ideal destination fundamentally for the health security it can provide to the traveler, the press release highlighted.

The company noted that the country manages the pandemic in an exemplary way, a fact internationally recognized and that endorses it as a safer destination at the regional level.

Such circumstance, it urged, represents an added advantage over Canada because in addition to being the main source of tourism to Cuba, its citizens can already receive a visa for stays of up to six months.

Melia Hotels International Cuba has important resources and infrastructure to start operating with this new area, the report pointed out.

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