Medical brigade that faced COVID-19 in Guinea Bissau returns to Cuba

Medical brigade that faced COVID-19 in Guinea Bissau returns to Cuba
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4 December 2020
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The medical brigade of the Henry Reeve contingent that assisted Guinea Bissau in the confrontation with COVID-19 returned to Cuba this Thursday, a day on which Latin American Medicine Day is celebrated.

Miguel Díaz-Canel, President of the Republic, acknowledged in a video message the intense work carried out by the collaborators during almost six months in three hospitals, in the National Health Institute and in the Epidemiology Center.

The health workers left for the African nation last June 26th where they carried out more than 19 thousand medical attention, 285 of them in serious patients, in addition to almost 56 thousand nursing procedures.
Together with specialists from the National Institute of Health and the Center for Epidemiology, they carried out international health control activities in ports and airports, organized the medical transport system and put health equipment into operation.

They also toured the regions of Oio, Farim, Biombo and Canchungo to update the databases of hospital admissions and confirmed patients of COVID-19, in addition to following up on the latter, their contacts and suspicious cases.

The group was composed of 23 collaborators, including nine doctors, 10 graduates in Nursing, two in Clinical Laboratory, an engineer in Electromedicine, and a logistician.
Due to the health crisis caused by the pandemic, to date 53 Henry Reeve Brigades have worked in 37 countries.

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