Marella Discovery2 cruise ship kicks off winter tourism season

Marella Discovery2 cruise ship kicks off winter tourism season
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18 November 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 18 (ACN) The Marella Discovery2 ship arrived today for the first time in Havana this year, and starts the winter tourism season in Cuba, Carlos Alberto Rivera Garcia, director of the western branch of Cubatur, the tour operator, told exclusively to the Cuban News Agency.

With 1,600 travelers on board, the ship belonging to the British company TUI OK, will be stranded for 27 hours and then continue its journey through the Caribbean and every 15 days will return to Cuban ports.

The cruise company TUI OK already brought this year in March, the ship Marella Explorer2 and with this one that arrived today it will keep operating during all the so-called high season of the tourist sector.

Marella Discovery2 is the leading ship in the cruise class and can carry up to 2,074 passengers.

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