March, fifth month of low rainfall period in Cuba

March, fifth month of low rainfall period in Cuba
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2 March 2024
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March is the fifth month of the rainy season in Cuba and its average rainfall totals are similar to February's records, according to analysts from the Weather Center of the Institute of Meteorology.

The rains depend on the frontal systems that affect the country, which have a slightly lower frequency than the preceding month, the specialists explained in their most recent report on the matter.

They added that winds from the south, sometimes strong, are one of the most important climatic events of those 31 days .

Experts also pointed out that the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event in the Pacific Ocean continues its evolution and the sea surface temperature anomalies it provokes extend from the east to the west.

The influence on Cuba's climate is characterized by an increase in precipitation, significantly above the typical values for that time of the year, with a greater effect of cold fronts and prefrontal troughs (where the waters of natural currents flow).

In general, they added, the average temperature in March increases compared to the two previous months, but it is still a cool or slightly cold month, although in recent years it has been very variable and somewhat warmer than normal.

Meteorologists calculated that in the west rainfall will be 51.5 millimeters, in the center 39.9 and in the east 51.1 while minimum temperatures will reach 19.2-20.0 degrees Celsius, 18.5-19.6 and 22.5-23-0, respectively.

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